Encouragement or Criticism?

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Encourage Others

It takes minimal time browsing through social media to witness criticism, hate, and overall discouragement toward others.

Guilty As Charged

We are all guilty of criticizing others’ behavior, decisions, and character (as I am ironically doing right now), yet often fail to see our own poor behavior, decisions, and character flaws.

It’s easy to point the finger at others without fully knowing the stories, struggles, and problems that fill up their day. It’s also hypocritical to believe we have life figured out, when in reality, we are just as broken as those we are criticizing.

Regardless if directed towards a politician, spouse, family member, co-worker, referee, or your kids at your kids’ game…criticism is toxic.

Who Benefits?

Criticizing is easy to do, yet, beneficial to no one.

Encouraging is also easy to do and beneficial to us all.

How can you spread a little encouragement today?

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