6 Benefits of Downsizing in Your 30’s

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6 Benefits of Downsizing in Your 30's

Downsizing a home is not a new phenomenon. Kids grow up and leave the house, which leaves parent’s with more house than necessary. Yet, parents seem to keep this large “investment” (aka expense) around longer than we should. It’s usually right around the time that parents want to retire that we begin to think about downsizing. The thinking is to … Read More

7 Ways to Simplify Your Finances

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7 Ways to Simplify Your Finances

Minimalism is getting rid of all the distractions that keep us from pursuing our purpose and passions. It’s easy to identify physical possessions as distractions in our lives, but what about other forms of stress like our finances? Through my work as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, it’s evident that many families are distracted and stressed out by finances. Research shows … Read More

The Minimalist Home by Joshua Becker Book Review

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The Minimalist Home by Joshua Becker Review

My review of Joshua Becker’s new book, The Minimalist Home, dropping on December 18, 2018 comes from a unique perspective. My family of four decluttered our belongings over the past 2 years without the help of a playbook like The Minimalist Home. We still have a bit of “right-sizing” to do, but the decluttering process is still fresh in my … Read More


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I’m frustrated and ready to go on a rant. Here we go! Every few months or so a new study hits the headlines that reads something like this: Online course taught by a Certified Financial Planner My family of four loves the outdoors. Any chance we get, you’ll find us making a road trip towards the national parks, mountains, lakes, … Read More

How To Declutter: 7 Proven Decluttering Techniques

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How to declutter your home.

On the surface, decluttering is purging the unnecessary to give us a sense of peace and freedom. Yet, decluttering our home this past year also created an unexpected benefit. The simple act of decluttering provided us with our first step in living with more intention and purpose. We love our parents, and we love spending time with our extended families. … Read More

How to Beat The Silent Killer of Your Finances

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How to beat the silent killer of your finances

Warren Buffett, one of the greatest investors of all time, has two rules of investing: 1. Don’t lose money. 2. Don’t forget rule No. 1. With this advice in mind, it’s easy to think that you’d be better off parking your investments in a savings account instead of in the stock market — especially if there has been a recent … Read More

Minimalism For One Year

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Minimalism For One Year

It’s been twelve months since we entertained the idea of minimalism. It’s hard to believe watching the documentary, Minimalism, one year ago has greatly impacted our lives in such a short amount of time. Yet, similar to all aspects of life, lasting change takes time and patience. Do I still find myself wanting to buy needless things? Of course! The … Read More

Small Choices Have a Big Impact on Your Finances

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Small Choices Have a Big Impact on Your Finances

Why do some people become wealthy and others stay broke? Why do many believe that our families need more space, more money, and more things, yet we are sacrificing exactly what we’re yearning for: more time? In many cases, it comes down to choices. To see the impact choices can have on your life, let’s look at three fictional friends: … Read More

How Minimalism Encourages Generosity

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How minimalism encourages generosity

Have you ever felt so passionate about something that you dream about how generous you would be if you only had the money or extra time? Maybe it’s an after school program that needs funding, a natural disaster that’s left a community with massive losses, or helping to fund a project at church? Giving of your time, money, and talents … Read More