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I'm a minimalist and a Certified Financial Planner who loves the mountains.

I'm simply sharing a story about making room for the most important things in life, which aren't things at all.

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Benefits of Minimalism

More Time and Energy

Possessions consume time and energy. The fewer things we have, the more time and energy we can spend on what matters most.

More Contentment

Intentionally breaking the cycle of wanting more encourages us to be grateful for what we already have.

More Generosity

The less money we spend on material possessions allows us to be more generous to causes we care about.

More Experiences

Our family values experiences over things. Our goal is to be more deliberate about how we use our time and the resources we’re blessed with.

Stronger Relationships

Minimalism has the potential to bring people closer together instead of being so “busy” in all of the wrong places.

Freedom From Debt

Is it possible that the path to financial freedom is actually through owning less instead of pursuing more?

Set Better Examples

Our children are watching us. We are striving to set a better example by showing our kids happiness doesn’t come from the shopping mall.

Gift To Loved Ones

It’s an incredible feeling knowing that our loved ones will not be burdened by our possessions when we die

Environmental Impact

The less we consume, the more natural resources are available for future generations.

“I would rather own little and see the world, than own the world and see little of it.”

Alexander Sattler

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